Congrats on the Equinox!

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I was at dinner when I received a call from my receptionist.  She told me a call just came in from Teresa and that I sold her niece Alex a car over the summer.  I immediately remember Alex and Teresa.  I made a call and found out Teresa was ready to come out and take a look at a Malibu.  She mentioned she had 3 teenagers that were all over 6′.  I immediately thought of an Equinox on the lot.  I  knew with the movable, back, bench seat, there would be lots of leg room for the boys.  We had a great test drive, I could tell right away Teresa liked the Equinox.

In my office I pulled the Equinox up online and saw that it was right in her price range.  I took a deposit and set up a Friday delivery time.

Teresa and Kelsey SheaI decided to bring my 3 year old to work with me today.  Kelsey mentioned that she wanted to sell a car with me, so I figured this would be a good one for that.  She so good and had a lot of fun.  She got candy, popcorn and donuts.  Did some coloring and spent some time on her tablet.  She also talked with Teresa a lot.  She kept saying she wanted to sell a pink car, but I'm sure she was happy with the white one we sold today.  I'm sure if I ask her to come again, she will jump at the opportunity.  Who doesn't want free donuts, popcorn and candy?

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