Mercedes ML350 for Savo

Savo's First Look

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My experience with Savo and his wife started over the internet.  He found our 2011 Mercedes ML350 via CarGurus.  I received his inquiry and went right to work, locating the Mercedes and shooting a video.  Savo, also had two other Mercedes that he wanted to trade in.  He is from the east side of Pittsburgh and asked if I could give him a quote on both cars.  I have to say, most dealership dislike this approach for many reasons.  For starters, it's difficult to price something you can't see.  people always think the world of their trade, it's only human nature.

After a phone call and a few emails back and forth, we set up a time to test drive the Mercedes ML350 on Saturday 4/11 around 11:00 AM.  Savo and his wife entered my office around 11 and I prepared for the test drive.  They seemed to really like the ML350 and now it was time for me to take a look at their trades.  This is where things get a little interesting.  It turns out the previous owner of one of their Mercedes had been in an accident and structural damage was reported on the Carfax.  Neither Savo or his wife were made aware of the accident when they purchased it years ago.  This effected their trade drastically.   This is the second time that I've seen this in a week.  Thankfully, we were able to put a deal together and Savo got to take home a Mercedes ML350.

Savo Delivery

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