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Viewing Wayne's online schedule has never been easier.  Just look for the days highlighted in green and pick one that works best for you.  Don't forget to pick your appointment type!  Next, you will pick the time that works best for you and finally you will need to enter in some information.  Be sure to use your cell number.  A confirmation and reminder message are sent to your cell phone.  You can find a confirmation email in your inbox.

Having trouble booking online, please watch the brief video for a walk-thru.  It only takes a minute.

Appointment Types Explained

In case you need some help with understanding the different appointment types and how to use them.

  1. Consultation – use this appointment type if you don't seem to see one that fits.  Maybe, you need to meet and discuss future plans for a car.
  2. Delivery – use this appointment type for the day and time you'd like to come in and take delivery of your new or pre-owned car.
  3. Lease Consultation – us this appointment type when needing to discuss leasing options.  When entering into a lease or exiting a lease.
  4. Meeting – use this appointment type if you need a meeting outside of the dealership.  Please put address in notes box.
  5. Service – use this appointment type when you want to schedule a time for service.  Please let me know what you need in your notes box.  I will confirm once I've spoken with my service desk.
  6. Oil Change Exchange – use this appointment type when you are ready for me to pick up your car and leave you mine for your oil change.  Please add address for pick up in the notes box.