Marvin Takes Home a Silverado

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I was 15 minutes late this morning and Marvin was 15 minutes early.  I guess you could say it was perfect timing!  I knew right off the bat, Marvin and I would get along just fine.  Shortly after we connected I grabbed a plate and we went on a test drive in the Chevrolet Silverado.  We were both amazed by how well it drove and how great it looked.  It has a few miles on it, but you would never know it by the way it drives.

Marvin SilveradoThroughout the process we got to spend some time together.  Marvin is full of great stories and anyone who gets to know him will soon find that out.  I'm thankful for the many stories he shared while we waited on his paperwork.  I had the chance to share a few stories myself.  As we were talking I found out that Marvin visited several other dealerships with no luck.  With each attempt he was unable to leave with a new vehicle.  He did some searching online and that's when he found me.

After we detailed the truck and put a few gallons of gas in it, he was ready to take delivery.  As you'll see in the video, Marvin states the whole experience was “God Driven.”  I agree and I'm happy I got to play a part in it.

Thank you for your business Marvin.

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Had a great experience working with Wayne. There were many issues, that he took the time to solve for me in the purchase of my Silverado. I could not have gotten the truck without his diligence. Thanks Wayne for your kindness and willingness to get the job done. I went to several other dealers in the area and it was Columbiana-Buick-Cadillac-Chevrolet that came through. Thanks again, loving my truck. Lol
Marvin Monroe